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Root Canals, Dental Implants & Other Dental Services in Stamford, CT

Here at South End Dental, we offer a vast variety of dental services. We practice the best and latest forms of dentistry. For more information please stop by our contact page.

When you come to our practice, we will give you a video tour of your teeth with our state-of-the-art intra-oral camera, which will help you understand the treatment needed. We will explain everything thoroughly so you never feel lost or unaware of what is happening to your teeth. After we resolve any of the current issues, we work very hard to put you on a prevention program so you can avoid future dental problems.

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We offer dental fillings,
routine teeth cleaning
and emergency dental

Improve your smile with
teeth whitening services,
traditional braces or
invisible braces.

We can restore the shape
and size of a cracked or
damaged tooth with
a dental crown.

If parts of a tooth
become inflamed or,
infected, it can be saved
with a root canal.

We can remove damaged
teeth and replace them with
a natural-looking dental

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